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Social Table Tennis Meets

Social table tennis is a huge part of our club and we offer various opportunities for this to take place. All of our informal and social sessions are aimed at players attending a relaxed and fun environment, where enjoying a game of table tennis is paramount. Each session is either organised or lead by a fully qualified coach. Social sessions include our bat and chat events, over fities table tennis and our back to table tennis sessions, which are aimed at those who used to play and want to come back to the sport. We are also starting to run a number of activities for businesses in the local and surrounding area. All our Informal sessions are currently taking place at Redlands Table Tennis Centre, in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

Back to Table Tennis Social Sessions
Back to Table Tennis

As a club we recognise that some players will start to play table tennis as a youngster, then leave through one thing or another, and then at a later stage in their life want to come back to the sport. We offer sessions for these people.

Table Tennis Bat and Chat
Bat and Chat

Our bat and chat sessions are for our players that want to enjoy a game of table tennis, in a fun and relaxed environment. These sessions are perfect for people who want to play to socialise, learn a little bit about the game, as well as for people who are wanting to get back into table tennis but not in a competitive or intense way.

Over 50's Table Tennis
Over Fifties Table Tennis

Our over fifties sessions are very similar to our bat and chat sessions, however are more targeted towards our older players who want to play alongside people their own age. These sessions tend to be more during the daytime.

Corperate Table Tennis Activities
Corporate Activities

We are starting to run a number of activities for businesses in the local and surrounding area. These activities consist of competitive matches against other local businesses in a league type format, one off sessions for employee’s well being and team building, as well as special sessions, which we can tailor towards individual business requirements.

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Blitz is a table tennis club based in Worksop, providing specialist coaching and social sessions at a dedicated venue. As a team, we provide opportunities for everyone to access the sport regardless of age, sporting ability, gender or background. As an approved Table Tennis England club, we have a comprehensive timetable of sessions and events, all delivered by highly qualified and experienced coaches. We have a growing reputation for producing nationally ranked players, many who go on to represent their county. This website is sponsored and supported by our official website provider Web Studios Ltd.