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Table Tennis Coaching For Individuals

Individual coaching is available with whichever coach you wish. Sessions are booked with that coach directly and sessions are available to everyone. These sessions aim to target individual players needs and are a fantastic way to develop and progress quicker. Individual sessions allow coaches to direct all of their attentions on that one individual player, allowing them to cater everything that they do within the session to developing them as not only a table tennis player but also as a person too. Individual training plans are created for those individuals, covering all aspects of table tennis, including competitions and physical on top of their training. We would always advise to couple individual sessions with group sessions too, as this allows the opportunity to play other players and styles, which is hugely important in table tennis. Please contact the coach of your choice directly to arrange individual sessions.
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Blitz Table Tennis Club in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

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Blitz is a table tennis club based in Worksop, providing specialist coaching and social sessions at a dedicated venue. As a team, we provide opportunities for everyone to access the sport regardless of age, sporting ability, gender or background. As an approved Table Tennis England club, we have a comprehensive timetable of sessions and events, all delivered by highly qualified and experienced coaches. We have a growing reputation for producing nationally ranked players, many who go on to represent their county. This website is sponsored and supported by our official website provider Web Studios Ltd.